Updated: Virus Removal Device Fix Me Stick Is The 3 In 1 Virus Removal You Should get!

Virus removal device fix me stick
The Fix Me Stick virus removal device is powered by three anti-virus companies. This virus removal device is powered by Kapersky anti-virus, VIPRE anti-virus, and SOPHOS anti-virus. The fix me stick boots up before Windows.

Update: this article originally said the Fix Me Stick is an anti-virus. It is a virus removal device.
Update: this used to say Fix Me Stick Contest, it is a giveaway. This article should be easier to read.

The Fix Me Stick is a virus removal device which is powered by three different anti-viruses SOPHOS, Kapersky, and VIPRE. I was excited to review this product and now I am excited that Fix Me Stick is giving away one of their virus removal devices to a planet Zuda reader! You can find out about the giveaway details on our post called “Free Fix Me Stick Virus Removal giveaway“. Now onto the review.

Why do I need the Fix Me stick for Virus removal? Doesn’t my anti-virus do that?

That’s a good question and The reason is simple. Some viruses can trick your anti-virusso they aren’t detected.Other viruses may not be detected by your anti-virus, so it is always good to have a valuable tool like the fix me stick.

I first tried plugging the Fix Me Stick into my Windows Vista Machine and had a slight problem. Instead of Fix Me Stick loading up on reboot, I received a black screen with a blinking white line in the left hand side. I sent a help email to Fix Me stick at 2 AM and then tried testing it on my Windows 7 laptop. It worked on my Windows 7 machine, so I went to bed and let the anti-virus scan run while I slept.

It only took three hours to do the full scan. When I awoke I found out that my Windows 7 machine was virus free. I also had a reply from Fix Me Stick telling me how to fix the issue for my Windows Vista machine. I’d like to note that this issue isn’t related to Windows Vista and Fix Me Stick says it doesn’t happen very often.

The way I got the Fix Me Stick to work on my Windows Vista machine was by plugging in the Fix Me Stick, and double clicked run fix me stick. When your machine reboots your screen will say you have five seconds to choose an alternate boot. Click any key to choose from an alternate boot. I chose alternate boot(“Fix me stick failed to load”) and voila it worked. It took almost 4 hours to scan my Windows Vista machine since it has nearly half a terabyte of information.

I wasn’t expecting the Fix Me Stick to find any viruses since I use Kapersky pure 2.0 and know what not to click on. When Fix Me Stick finished it’s virus removal scan it thought I had over 10 viruses, but as always a lot of them weren’t actually viruses. Anti-viruses programs may complain about legitimate programs and since Fix Me Stick is powered by Anti-viruses it will also make mistakes.

I wrote down where every single reported virus was in my computer and then exited the program without quarantining them, since I wanted to look at every file myself.

Fix Me Stick discovered adware also known as malware hidden in a chrome add-on that Kapersky PURE 2.0 didn’t detect.

Fix Me Stick did detect another program that it thought was a virus, but no anti-virus database online was sure if it was or wasn’t a virus. The rest of the files it found were legitimate programs and files.

You may wonder why I am recommending the Fix Me Stick since it detected files that weren’t viruses. Any type of program that looks for viruses, whether it be an anti-virus like Kapersky or a virus removal device like Fix Me stick will make mistakes once in awhile. Every single one. You should never tell an anti-virus or virus removal program to automatically remove viruses, because they are bound to make a mistake once in awhile.

Detecting viruses is a tricky game, even if you have the most sophisticated software in the world. That is why you should review what files a program wants to quarantine or remove before doing so.

Fix Me Stick says that they recommend that you run an anti-virus in conjunction with their device. They recommend using the Fix Me Stick at least once a week.

I really recommend buying the Fix Me Stick for $59.99 a year, because it will work on 3 computers while a lot of software only works on one computer.
You may enter to win the free Fix Me Stick that Fix Me stick will give to one of our readers.

If you want an unlimited amount of licenses for one year, then You can buy their device for $299.99, because the one being given away only has three licenses. It does cost too much to buy the unlimited license version for personal use, but if you work on computers looking for viruses, then this tool would be worth it.

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