WII U Flaw Design At E3 Expo 2012

Nintendo WII U review


I got to try the WII U hands on at E3 Expo before the Medics were called and I was taken away in an ambulance. Anyways, when I tried out the WII U, well I liked that they have more hardcore games, but my experience with the WII Fit U was frustrating.

I watched people play games that are either already on the Nintendo WII fit Sports or games that are just a little different than the ones on the Nintendo WII fit. I asked if they had a WII U fit game that really used the WII U features. They only had one that they were sampling called “Hoser”. The goal of the game was to spray your enemies with a hose by lunging one foot forwards towards the normal WII Fit balancing board while looking at the WII U tablet and shooting your enemies. Oh my gosh, you could make some awesome games with something like this — or could you? You could if there wasn’t a pesky flaw in the WII U design.

I was focused on the WII U tablet just like I focus on an iPad or my iPhone when I am playing a game. When you are playing an iPhone game you don’t stand in one spot like you do with the WII fit, you may move a little — this became a problem because the WII sensor doesn’t move so it couldn’t detect that I existed. I didn’t move much, maybe a foot at most before a lady from Nintendo would grab me and tell me “No, you have to stay in front of the sensor.”

What I found highly annoying is how many times I found myself naturally focusing on the game and not even noticing that I moved a foot before the lady had to grab me and kindly move me back in place. When I was finished with the game, well, I was ticked off by the WII U design. I told the lady working for Nintendo that the problem is with the sensor not moving and she agreed with me. If the lady who worked for Nintendo understood my frustration then why would they even consider releasing the Nintendo WII U to the market with such a major flaw?

If you ever move a foot or two or turn your head and your hands in a different direction while playing a game, then the tablet / WII U setup isn’t for you. I would like to say that the WII U has a ton of new WII games that are absolutely awesome, but until the WII sensor can detect your movement and move along with you I wouldn’t purchase the WII Fit U. The Tablet and WII U may work fine for some games, although Mashable reported another issue with the tablet and WII U setup that they experienced.

I decided to link to a video of the game I am talking about to see if you would move like I did or if you would stand absolutely still. Oh, quick note my controller wasn’t connected with a wire like this guys is.