Is someone Phone Tracking My Phone Calls?

Update: This article has been updated on January 26th, 2013 to reflect changes to the site and our articles. It has also been updated with ways to find mobile spyware on your Android phone.

People can use apps for phone spying on your cellphone calls or text messages. They can even spy on your phones GPS, logs, everything you do can be read by a third party. These spy phone apps are available for almost every single cell phone and are also in app stores. These should be removed from all app stores, but they haven’t been. Instead more of these apps are being made. Update July 6th,2013 1 AM: We were recommending an android app to find viruses and had scanned that app with arguably, some of the best anti-viruses which didn’t detect it was Android Malware until 2013. Please do not download the below mentioned app. Thankfully there are apps for the Android to see if someone is spying on your phone. One app that I have tested is called Anti-Spy Mobile Free. This will look for spyware apps and apps that ask for odd permissions. I would never say that an app is full proof and can detect all malicious apps, but I would tell you to try Anti-Spy Mobile Free to see if it detects any malicious apps.

Are there other ways to see if someone is phone tracking my calls or spying on my text messages?

Yes, there is. If you hear any static on your phone calls or popping sounds then that might indicate someone is eavesdropping. Even if you don’t hear odd popping sounds, someone may still be listening to your phone call.

So, how do I find out if someone is spying on my phone call or reading my text messages?

You can use Netstat. There is a version of Netstat for the iphone, and there is one for the Android. It isn’t as efficient as apps designed to detect tracking apps, but it is quite good.

What is NetStat? Netstat allows you to see incoming and outgoing IP addresses to your device. An IP address is a unique string of numbers that usually identifies where a computer is located and where there is a computer there usually is an owner. If you are using an app and watching your Netstat, you’ll see a bunch of IP addresses in the Netstat app. All this means is that the apps are making remote calls to servers, so games can record scores, etc.  If you turn off all apps you’ll be able to see what IP addresses are listening to your phone. You can easily reverse the IP address and find out what program is connecting to your phone.

Note: and 192.168.1. any other number after the last one are  IP addresses for your device.